Winding down SUT

Fortunately for me there weren’t too many days that had movies I wanted to record during this last week of SUT.  That means I’m slowly catching up.

Screenshot of Olivia de Havilland from the fil...

Screenshot of Olivia de Havilland from the film Call It a Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One I was really pleased to pick up was Hard to Get on Dick Powell day.  It was fairly silly but I enjoyed it, not least because of co-star Olivia de Havilland.  The movie’s year surprised me because to me she looked so much younger than in GWTW.  Not to mention happier and brighter — I haven’t usually seen her in that kind of light rom com role and she really impressed me.

Sophia Loren is another one I really like but don’t enjoy that many of the movies she chose.  And of the ones I’ve seen before I wasn’t in the mood to see them again.

Cover of "Daddy Long Legs"

Cover of Daddy Long Legs

Finally watched Daddy Long Legs from back on ?Thelma Ritter? day.  That’s one I’ve seen many times but it had been a while and it’s always a treat.