Gadgets in order… whew

In recent years I feel like I spend way too much of my time coping with various technological, electronic, gadget-type snafus.  Except that lovely Envy laptop I snagged on a Groupon deal last year, but that's another story.

I started in the computer world ca. 1987, with a little old Mac, very much like the one in the picture.  You know the kind.  No hard drive.  Copy word processing program onto a disc that then had about enough room for a couple of documents.  Got on the internet ca. 1992.  You know.  AOL.  Dial-up.  Pages took 10 minutes to load.

In those days all this was a bit simpler and changes came relatively slowly.  Since the early 90’s, when change started arriving more and more often, I’ve gotten increasingly tired of having to re-learn everything several times a year.  And tired of devices that last shorter and shorter times…  In fact the longer I’m in the computing world the lower my tolerance for constantly reinventing the wheel becomes.

Anyway, my tablet has needed a factory reset for some time (that one was my fault for dumping an app I apparently REALLY needed) but since I didn’t like typing on the screen nor the little bluetooth keyboard I got for it, I wasn’t in a big hurry.  This summer I got logged out of Twitter, couldn’t remember my password and it took about six weeks to get back in.  My cell phone was an old one that came in somewhere in between the really old style and Android.  In other words, a few crummy apps and a lot of slow going…

At last I did the factory reset –which restored an older version of the OS–and the tablet instantly worked much better.  Possibly also helped that I didn’t reload a ton of apps I never used.  Got the docking keyboard that actually goes with the tablet and suddenly typing on it is a breeze — and browsing too, now that I can use a mouse and up/down keys.

Got an android phone in the spring and recently I’ve finally learned more about how to use it, put a few good apps on.  And now that the tablet is going I have the Google stuff coordinated between phone and tablet.  Not that I really use that stuff, but still.  It’s coordinated.  And not that I really use a cell phone.  In fact on the rare occasions I give out the number I also advise not trying to call me on it.

Twitter finally let me reset my password so I’m back on.

Wow.  Everything working.  No obnoxious technical problems hanging over my head. Wish this would last at least a year…  But I suppose they’ll update something.  Or some built in obsolescence thing will kick in.  Or I’ll delete something I shouldn’t.  Oh, except I got the app for Instagram.  Gotta learn how to use that one of these days…