Back in Flint and favorite places

We had enough breakfast in Findlay that we decided to wait for a late lunch when we got up to Fenton, Mi, not far south of Flint.  There’s a restaurant there called The Laundry that’s fun and good.  They use fresh veggies, some of which they grow:

Veg garden The Laundry

Home made breads and a mind-boggling array of sandwich and salad choices plus more — it’s hard to choose.  I’ve had something different every time.  Vegetable streudel won this time and it was yummy!  We were glad we parked in back and got to see the gardens.

Flowers at The Laundry

We then went down to a lovely gift shop we’ve enjoyed many times, The Iron Grate.  Right after we walked in I heard the woman behind the counter mention that she grew up in Flushing, the town where I went to junior high and high school.  So I wandered up and told her I graduated with the Flushing High class of ’70.  Her jaw dropped and she squealed, “That was my class.”  We didn’t really know one another back then though once I’d taken a good look I knew her face was familiar.  But what a hoot!

After checking in at the hotel and resting a bit we made our traditional first night trek to Luigi’s Pizza.  The best thin crust pizza I’ve had in the states (and I lived in Chicago for years — deep dish may get its own stars but you can’t get a thin crust there like Luigi’s!).  They opened when I was 3 and we became regulars when I was 4 or 5.


We were both still exhausted today so we got a very leisurely start and had a late lunch at one of our faves, Kathy’s in Flushing.  She makes one of the best chicken salads ever (I’m so fussy I just won’t order it most places).  I was too hungry to stop and take a picture of the food, but the presentation, with lots of fresh fruit, is always lovely.  After lunch I managed to snap the park to the side of the restaurant:

Park outside Kathy's

Park outside Kathy’s

We finished our afternoon in Flushing with a visit to Flushing Shoe Gallery, where we both got shoes.  Our perennial favorite, Just Julie’s was empty but we found out there’d been a fire and she was operating elsewhere.  I love so many of the things she chooses for the store, but my favorite is that she paints great designs on sweatshirts and you can pick a design you like and a color and style of top you like and she’ll paint one up for you.

She now has a web site where you can mail order:  Kunky’s.  Every time I wear one people want to know where I got it.  This time I found a light weight coat of a type I’d been looking for for ages and couldn’t afford to also get a painted sweat shirt but I’ll be back!

Tomorrow our fave Italian place and the art museum!