Successful birthday, more great food and lovely visits

The birthday lunch (Mom’s 89th) at Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor was a big success.  Mom’s old friends Ann and Jim joined us.  As usual, I spaced out about taking pictures.  So you’ll have to take my word for it that the watermelon salad, salmon pasta and lemon chicken were gorgeous… and SO tasty.  A grand time had by all.  And a train came through with conductor waving (Gandy Dancer is in an old train depot and Amtrak trains actually still stop there).

Next came our yearly visit to Hollander’s.  The paper displays are phenomenal (shown in photos of last year’s visit).  I love their greeting cards.  They have a big selection of cards you don’t just see all over, unusual and beautiful.  Every year I buy enough birthday cards to cover the next year.  And often I find some unique gifts.



For dinner we made a return visit to Luigi’s, this time mostly to get the pizza that we freeze and haul back to Kentucky.  Our favorite waitress was there this time so the highlight was getting to catch up with her.

Mom and Sharon and Luigi's

We had planned to meet another of Mom’s friends for lunch today but she called last night to say she’d had a bad fall and couldn’t make it.  We returned to Whitey’s for more lobster bisque — conveniently located very near our next visit, another friend of Mom’s; Shirley and her late husband were my parents’ first great friends when they moved to Flint and that just never changed.

On the way back to the hotel very late in the afternoon we decided to swing by Italia Gardens to pick up our giant order of gluten free spaghetti with the original owner’s creation, spitini -it’s beef flattened and wonderfully seasoned, rolled up and placed four rolls to a stick and grilled.

Always hard to believe how FAST this trip goes.  Tomorrow is our last day.  Lots of plans, lots of stops to make…