Chihuly Garden And Glass | Seattle

I’ve been a big fan of Chihuly for a long time, so I loved being able to enjoy him through these great pics of the Chihuly Gardens — make sure you hop on over to her blog so you can see all of them!

chihuly-0I didn’t know a lot about Dale Chihuly until an upcoming trip to Seattle came up in conversation.

“You have to go to Chihuly Gardens,” almost everyone told me.

That was enough for me. I added it to my list, most of which only included local cafes, a few bookstores, but not many tourist attractions. I was told that it’s the most incredible place and that even photos wouldn’t be able to capture the pure depth, art, awe and size of these glass sculptures — both of those statements are absolutely correct.

In this garden museum that hides in the shadow of the Space Needle, I was introduced to Dale Chihuly and the concepts of his glass-blown sculptures. We walked beneath draping chandeliers constructed with dozens of individual bulbs of hand-formed glass in vibrant colors. We oohed and ahh’d as walked entirely around a sprouting garden that reminded of…

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