Yapping and whining…

English: Chihuahua puppies

English: Chihuahua puppies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something few people know about me is that I’ve always been interested in floor plans for houses.  As a child I’d go to a house and later hang out creating a better lay-out.  If I’d had ANY affinity for higher math I might have been an architect.  And I love to go look at houses.`When I first found House Hunters on HGTV, I was thrilled; getting to see inside all kinds of houses, wow!

Over time I’ve quit watching very much for a variety of reasons.  But the biggest one that’s sending me away lately is the whining and the yappy voices.  I’m not sure if the producers find the whiniest people they can or whether they just edit out everything but the whining, but man it’s a BIG turn-off for me.  They also seem to select 98% women who talk like they’re five years old.  Yappy little voices like chihuahuas.  Yappy chihuahuas whining and whining…  “You can’t play basketball in the bathroom, it’s too small.”  “I wanted quartz, not granite.”  “I don’t like blue [and I can’t even imagine that you can paint a wall a different color.  It’s like permanent marker and you have to live with it forever].”

It’s so rare for the show to feature people who are accepting of what they see (and I want to kiss their feet when there is someone like that!), that I gather people actually like watching all that whining and yapping?  Really?  Can someone please tell me how and why that’s appealing?

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