Virtually in Bali

bali femme préparant les offrandes pour la fêt...

bali femme préparant les offrandes pour la fête du temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d love a virtual world that could take me to Bali.  The exotic scents of amazing flowers and the incense from little altars of offerings.  Birds flashing by wearing amazing hues of green, red, blue, yellow.  The loving, smiling faces of the Balinese people.  And I get there in a blink.  No 20-hour plane journeys.  Or knees that won’t straighten when I try to stand up at the end of the longest flight.  Or unbelievable jet lag.  Or guys with uzis in the Jakarta airport.  Just the sights and smells that say, “Bali” without the pesky travel.

#MicroblogMondays.  The prompt was Armchair Travel — where would you choose to go on a virtual journey.


4 thoughts on “Virtually in Bali

  1. So many places on my to-go-to list. But if we’re talking virtual, are we limited to Earth bound destinations? If not, I’m headed for our closest, potential for life, planet. If we are bound to Terra as it were, then I’d pick several places / countries on the continent of Africa. 🙂


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