Time Warner Cable sucks — Get a Roku

Yep, that’s me the peacemaker, spitting mad. When my DVR quit functioning last weekend it turned out that the outrageous monthly fee we pay for various Time Warner services does not entitle us to have a new box delivered and hooked up.

English: Photograph of Roku XDS player with re...

English: Photograph of Roku XDS player with remote. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I spent an hour standing in line today while carrying a big cable box in order to get a box that works.  You heard me.  An entire hour.  Since you can’t get service any more the line is long.  Virtually no seats provided.  No rolling carts or something to put the heavy equipment on as you move through the line.  Only five windows in the whole space with 40 people standing there at all times and only three of the windows were open.

When I got home and hooked it up, I got nothing.  Before this I had cable, just no DVR functions.  Now there’s nothing.  Although the other TV in the house has cable at the moment, when I call in the automated voice tells me there’s an outage in my area so I can’t talk to anyone.

I’m not sure why TW feels no heat from Roku and the streaming services, Netflix and Hulu.  But I’m well aware that I can buy a Roku for $50 and get an $8/month subscription to Netflix or Hulu and watch pretty much everything I can see now.  My hesitation has been wondering whether my elderly mother will be able to work a Roku (since she can barely use a cable remote).  But I think I’m about to find out.  I hope the streaming services take the cable companies DOWN!