Politics: by now I hate everybody

It usually doesn’t happen quite this early.  But in Kentucky there are either some invitation-only elections that none-the-less require lots of advertising or all politicians are now permanently campaigning.  I mean it.  We’re literally never without campaign ads as of the last couple of years.

Vitriolic, ugly, melodramatic, nasty, disgusting campaign ads.  It used to be that it was a little later than this before I hated everybody but they’ve been at it so long  I’ve been hitting the mute button while swearing and gesturing at whoever is on the ad for quite a while now.

It’s particularly nasty here.  My friends in other places have assured me it’s nasty everywhere, but I’ve lived lots of places and it’s never been as bad as it is here. They also tell me it’s gotten worse everywhere.  But  I really noticed on my Michigan visit in September that it just didn’t seem as ugly.  Can’t speak for anywhere else recently.  I even lived in Chicago for many years and I swear, as awful as politics there are, it did not seem as ornery as this.

Good thing for the democrats that I vote a party ticket.  If I had to see the individual names, I’d recognize them and I wouldn’t vote for anybody.


2 thoughts on “Politics: by now I hate everybody

    • Yes, it’s occurred to me that it may seem worse to me because I’ve never lived in a right wing Republican stronghold before — most of the ads are theirs.


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