Nano Poblano… gulp… I think I’m in… Plus update

From the day I started my first blog I’ve had a promise to myself that I’d just post once a week if that’s all I wanted to do.  I’m blogging much more than that these days.   I now have three blogs, so I often wind up posting something somewhere most days.  But I’m reluctant to commit to that daily post thing; I do skip days regularly.

So I didn’t sign on for Nano Poblano until the second day — though it chanced that I’d posted on the first.  I’m kind of a night owl so for me each day extends several hours into what’s technically the next; as I write my day 2 post my computer is telling me it’s already the third.  And that’s how it’s probably going to go.

I’m going to keep it short because I’m yammering.  This is one of those days when there’s nothing I wanted to write.   The kind of day I hoped to avoid when I promised myself once a week would be okay.  But I signed up for this daily post thing.  So here I am rambling on in order to fill some space with words and call it a post.

Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update:  back on my Cashew Pudding post I mentioned that you can use other nuts and some kinds of seeds.  I’ve since realized that while that’s true, the soaking and processing times vary.  I’ve been working on almonds.  They definitely turn out badly if you just substitute them straight into the recipe in that post.  Further research indicates they need more soaking and a crazy amount of processing, so I’ll be experimenting further.  So far, I seriously didn’t like the pudding made with almonds and while quite a lot of tweaking made it better, it still never compared with the cashew version.  If I get a yummy version with almonds, I’ll put up the recipe that gets you there.


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