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Since starting NaBloPoMo I’m reading lots of new blogs.  And realizing how important “About” pages have become to me.  I’ve been to a lot of new blogs that either don’t have an about page or have one so brief or so convoluted that it’s hard to tell what the blog is about.

When I get a notice that someone has followed one of my blogs I always go take a look.  And the first thing I want to explore is the About page.  I want to find out what the blogger sees as the main point of the blog.  Whether there is a general theme that interests me.  Same thing for an event like this where I’m discovering new bloggers.  Before I consider following I want to know what the blog is about — and I don’t much want to have to read five or six posts to find out.

As I’ve hopped from one blog to another I’ve been a bit surprised at how many people don’t have an About page.  I have a hazy idea that some other blog hosts may not offer an easy way to create another page as so many bloggers on them seem to have no extra pages.  But on WordPress you actually start right off with an About page that has some generic stuff on it.  I’m also a bit surprised at how often I land on one that has been left with the original text; someone who can’t be bothered to delete the page or put some original material on it doesn’t impress me as someone I want to follow.

Although I love the network of spirituality bloggers I’ve developed through my Not Just Sassy blog, I’m not that fond of social media in general.  I’m often a little overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to keep up with blogs I follow.  I don’t mind expanding my subscription list with blogs that have great content but I’m fussy about whether I decide to follow someone or not.  With some exceptions, I mainly follow blogs on spirituality that are insightful about the journey.

When I’ m visiting lots of new blogs, I usually start out just reading whatever post is in the links or shows up when searching a tag.  If I like it well enough I might consider following the blog, but I want a fast way to get a feel for what the blog is generally about.  The first place I look is at the About page.  If there isn’t one or the material I find doesn’t tell me anything, I’m probably going to move on to the next blog without following.

I really enjoy a good About page that gives me a feel for the blog and the personality of the blogger.  For me it’s the biggest factor in choosing To Follow or Not to Follow.  I’m curious what other people think.  Do you have an important reason for choosing not to have an About page.  Do you never bother to look at them?  Do you also look to the About page to tell you something about a blog?


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  1. Since you mention it, I’m curious what you think about my About page. (I’ve been going back and forth about it.) I agree that About pages are very important. If a blog doesn’t have one, I’m tempted just to write them off. I also feel that About pages and titles should reflect the content of the blog, with very little divergence, which may be why I am having second thoughts about my own. When you first start a blog, you might not know exactly where it is going to go. Since an About page is probably the first thing you write, it may need some massaging.


    • It’s a good story though I think I’d put it on a page with some title related to explaining the blog name or as a section at the bottom of the About page. It’s a good story and I enjoyed reading it but didn’t feel like I learned anything about what you’re blogging about. I gather from looking at a few posts that you add original art to your posts but nothing in the about page reflects it. I guess it depends on your sense of what the page is for. I can’t vouch for everyone looking for what I am; I just know that I appreciate it when I can take a quick glance at an About page and know if a blog is of interest to me or not.

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      • Did you see the first paragraph? (pasted below) Is it not clear enough?


        What you’ll find around these parts: absurdity, comics, almost comics, true stories, almost true stories, not-at-all-true stories, weird stuff and witty one liners.”


        • In the end I think you have to just please yourself. I’m not expert and I don’t think I presented myself as one in this post. I wrote about my preferences.
          The About page on my Scribblings blog is not a great one. That blog is for me, a place to explore things that don’t fit the Not Just Sassy blog. So I don’t care much about the About page.
          On my Not Just Sassy blog I gave some thought to both the About page and the subtitle and how to convey the essence of the blog.
          No matter what you do, some people are going to love it and some people aren’t going to like it. If you’re happy with the About page the way it is, my input is unimportant. Keep it as you wish.


          • I wasn’t questioning your criticism, I just couldn’t tell if you’d seen it or not because of a couple of your comments. You mentioned possibly setting the story off at end of the About page; it is already set off at the end of the About page. So I was confused by that. You mentioned not talking about art, but I do explicitly mention the comics. Thus, I wasn’t sure if you’d seen that paragraph or whether that paragraph is confusing to readers. Obviously, if you saw it, I would draw one set of conclusions (i.e., that is confusing or unclear.) If you didn’t see it, then that is an entirely different set of conclusions. That’s why I asked. Anyway, thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it!


  2. This was a great post to get me thinking about my about page. I wrote a little about myself when I started my blog. I didn’t really know at the time what the blog would be about – I do now so I will be thinking of updating my about page.


    • It took me a while to refine the focus of each of my blogs — and I still don’t know that I’ve done well with my About pages.. On my main blog I actually divided it into an About This Blog and an About Leigh page.. Hope you get to something that feels right for you

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  4. I have never thought of the ‘about’ page as a road-sign for what the blog is about. When I started years ago I wrote under the impression it was a background page on myself, not the blog. You have given me a new viewpoint to ponder and I may just incorporate it into my ‘about’ page. Thank you p


    • I think I got it more from reading other people’s “about” pages and realizing which ones made me want to read more. Which is not to say that I’ve developed a great talent for writing a good one…


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