10 Random Whos

Nano Poblano participant LINDGAGHILL posted a list of “Random Who” questions with awarding of points.  Thought they were fun so here’s my go at answering:

1. Who let the dogs out?

Oh crap, when did we get dogs?  Has somebody warned the cat?

2. Who puts the holes in donuts?

The Donut Middle Thief.  Interpol is on the case.

3. Who do they put all those warnings on labels for – you know, the ones that are just common sense?

The many people who have no noticeable common sense at all — I think there are multitudes.  And mostly to please the company attorneys who think this will protect the company from lawsuits when people start keeling over.

4. Who was that masked man?

Some poor dad on Halloween, trailing around in the rain

5. Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

I’m hoping I can answer that one of these days…  For now, in process, becoming…  A work in progress on the way to the unknown

6. Who goes moo when they see a cow?

Hopefully another cow…  anybody else, I’m backing away, slowly

7. Who was the first person to ask which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Aristotle was an early poser of the question but who knows who asked first…  philosopher or egg or Neanderthal

8. Who likes lima beans? I mean, seriously…

I actually don’t mind them.   When well prepared they’re quite good.  Seriously…

9. Who makes my day brighter? You do! Who makes yours?

My cat, Salty

10. Who has woken you up more in your life than anyone else?

Telemarketers — by a long shot

And my Who question:

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?



One thought on “10 Random Whos

  1. Great answers!
    1. The cat’s inside. No wait, he’s out! No, now he’s in… Cats! Sheesh!
    2. Who was that masked man!
    3. They can only hope!
    4. Why does it keep raining on Halloween?!? Ugh.
    5. Let us know when you get there!
    6. Ha! Hahaha!
    7. I’m guessing it was the egg.
    8. So… you don’t just boil them?
    9. Aww… That’s nice. 😀
    10. Ugh! I hate telemarketers who can’t tell time!

    Bonus: Me! And hopefully not some weird spooky guy standing behind me in the bathroom. I always worry about that every time I watch a horror movie…

    Thanks for answering all my questions!

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