Thanksgiving – dressing update

A few years ago I posted my Thanksgiving menu with recipes; all of them tweaked to reflect a no wheat no dairy diet.  I’ve tweaked the dressing a bit more, so thought I’d give an update.

The original dressing recipe came from Barefoot Contessa. I first tweaked it by using gluten-free stuffing cubes from Whole Foods.  I found them hard to work with, though, because they’re too large for the way I fix dressing.  I use a cupcake pan and make individual servings–every serving has some of that crunchy outside. The cubes are also hard as rocks and almost impossible to cut.

The second time I made it I ground them in the food processor; they were tough for the food process to grind but eventually I got there.  It worked much better but made me wonder why I needed the cubes — gluten-free bread crumbs are readily available so that went into the next round.  This year I’ll be using the crumbs.  I add 2 tsp each of thyme and sage to get the seasoned bread crumb flavor.

I use apple cider instead of Calvados, mostly because I don’t keep Calvados or brandy on hand and I always have apple cider. And I skip the pine nuts–just a personal taste thing.

With the sausage, figs and cranberries, this dressing is hearty and SO delicious.  Plus, the individual, small muffin size servings can be made ahead and put in the freezer.  I like to make Thanksgiving in steps so that very little is left to do on that day.  That way I can sit down for the meal feeling relaxed and well instead of wishing I could just skip dinner and go to bed.