Finding a little Christmas spirit

English: Carols around the Christmas Tree The ...

English: Carols around the Christmas Tree The Mayor’s annual carol service around the Christmas Tree in the Market Place is held every Christmas Eve. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some years my mother and I have been sharing a house.  There aren’t any children around in the family any more and a several annual Christmas parties that one or both of us attended regularly have ceased to be.  In recent years we’ve felt a serious lack of Christmas spirit during the holiday.  I finally decided that we needed to find a way to make it fun.  Neither of us has a big budget so fun needs to be cheap.

A few things we found:

1.  A candle lighting service at a little Science of Mind-style church a few days before Christmas.  Lots of warm feelings and not particularly denominational.  Loved it and we’re not big on church.

2.  A half-hour Christmas eve service at a local church that’s for children, so just children dressed up as shepherds, etc. reading Christmas verses, punctuated by lots of singing the best Christmas carols.  It gets us out, it gives us some fun watching children have fun… and we get to sing Christmas carols!

3.  There’s an area a few miles from us where people have a neighborhood decorating contest — and can afford the fancy decorations.  One night we just spent some time meandering past decorations.

4.  We thought up a couple of restaurants that we’d not been to for a while and ate out in a new place.

5.  The rolling Bluegrass hills are lovely even in winter, so a ride out of town always cheers us up.

6.  Historic Lexington is still much the same, so we drove around a little bit in the parts of Lexington that hold nostalgia — always fun with my mother, who at 89, points at various houses and reminisces about who used to live there.

7.  A few historic homes around here get dolled up for Christmas and you can tour for a modest fee.

None of it was a big deal.  But just the fact that we chose to get out and do little things that we enjoy really lifted our spirits.  Except for the dining out and small donations at the churches, most of it was free – and we eat out fairly often anyway.

Sometimes it just takes stepping out of routine and doing small things to shift your spirits in a happier direction.  Do you have little drives or house tours or services or similar things you can do to enjoy the holidays more?

Whew!  Written for today’s 10 minute challenge on the Daily Prompt.


4 thoughts on “Finding a little Christmas spirit

  1. I’m just catching up with reading blogs, and thought this was a very nice one. I’ve been going to Christmas parties and helping my kids get ready for theirs. My mom is coming into town on Sunday. Our traditional thing to do is to go to downtown Chicago to the Art Institute and have lunch or dinner somewhere nice. My oldest son would like to go to the Park Grille at Millenium Park. If we get down there, I might write a simple blog about it!


    • Oh how I’d love a day at the Art Institute and lunch downtown. I miss getting to eat at Heaven on Seven on Wabash. I’l look forward to living vicariously through your post about your adventures! Happy Holidays!


  2. Love this post Leigh — such tenderness and beauty in it.

    We too like to drive around and look at the lights in one of the ‘tony’ parts of the city. Always fun. And, skating on a natural pond is always a great way to enjoy the season, especially when we take a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy around the bonfire.

    Blessings to you and your mother. She sounds like a gem.


    • Oh, the skating sounds good. Sadly here in Kentucky that would be a swim in the pond. But when I grew up in Michigan we skated a lot — sometimes even on a pond. Love the hot chocolate and bonfire part!


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