Small Pleasures: Coffee and vision

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker-pot made ...

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker-pot made of aluminum alloy, cast in three parts, plus plastic handle and spout. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge — and the subgroup Nano Poblano– I’ve been looking at some of the other challenges offered on WordPress.  Came across this weekly challenge for Sundays:  Small Pleasures, which invites us to post about small pleasures of the last week, in whatever form — photos, lists, essays, etc.

1.  Early in the fall I discovered that my favorite coffee place, LaCoppa,  still has a mail order business.  When friends in Marin County (CA) reported that the shop closed, I thought they were gone.

I struggled to find another place with coffee anywhere close without success.  So I excitedly put in an order without thinking about how much coffee I already had.

Since my order arrived, one of my greatest pleasures every day has been that great cup of coffee.  I’d just gotten coffee from another place and a friend brought coffee from Pittsburgh, so I’ve been rotating a bit.  This week I finally got around to grinding some of the Espresso Speciale from LaCoppa.  While their Mill Valley Blend is my absolute favorite, the Espresso is pretty great.  There’s a cup sitting beside me as I write and I’m savoring every yummy drop.

2.  I’ve been occasionally chronicling my unwinding head saga, in the Not Just Sassy blog, for a long time.  Short version:  head used to be like cement, a mass of intertwined, twisted up, glued together muscles.  After a few years of craniosacral work, it started unwinding on its own.  It’s been a crazy ride and this last year has been pretty tough.  Friday night, as muscles yanked and jerked, something opened and there’s finally movement in the steely mass behind my left eye.  Since then there’s been a lot of activity and the area around that eye has loosened up quite a bit.  That’s much more than a small pleasure, really.  But definitely a pleasure!


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