Weekly Small Pleasures: Quiet Christmas

Salty... less vivacious?

The muscles in my face have been yanking like crazy* which means I’ve not gotten much sleep lately.  Which I’m afraid tends to dampen my feelings of gratitude.

Nonetheless, Christmas, though quiet, was very nice.  Fortunately, since the lack of sleep meant I never pulled together to shop for or prepare Christmas dinner, the freezer still held some Thanksgiving and we thoroughly enjoyed re-visiting our favorite stuff.

After complete failure of our usual flea product left Salty miserably flea-ridden, we realized this week that the new stuff the vet provided has banished all his tormentors.

I’m especially grateful for finally getting lots of sleep last night.  And therefore having the energy to have dinner at favorite Indian place, Masala, and on to some much-needed grocery shopping.

The upside of the lack of sleep is I AM really grateful for small things like enough rest to get the shopping done.

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* Posts about this are on the Not Just Sassy blog.


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