That “follow me or else” thing…

I’ve been fascinated for a while now by posts I’ve seen in blogs and on Twitter in which people self-righteously tell us they’ve deleted a bunch of people they followed who didn’t follow them back.  I think of it as the “Follow Me or Else” syndrome.  I get kind of a kick out of it but I don’t actually care whether they keep following me or not, so I rarely obey.

On Twitter a lot of the folks who do this obviously follow me just so I’ll follow back and they can plaster my Tweet list with their sales pitches.  Nothing else.  Just sales pitches.  Can’t get why they figure that would be appealing to me.

Same thing sometimes on WordPress.  People follow or comment so they can sell their coaching business or their “sure-fire money-making” internet business.  Why do they imagine I’d want my Reader filled with that crap?

There are others who follow me and fall into my complicated — and VERY subjective and erratic–system for deciding whether to follow.

My main blog is about my spiritual journey and, for the most part, I’m only interested in following other blogs on that topic or that are related to that topic.  However, since I like travel in Italy and France and enjoy cooking and art there are random other blogs on those topics and others that I also follow.

Since most of those folks are not interested in spirituality they rarely follow me back.  Don’t care.  That’s their business.  As long as I enjoy their posts, I’m indifferent about whether they read my stuff.

I respect everyone’s right to choose topics and interests and to read and/or follow only those things that interest them.  As far as my blogs, my feeling is:  if you like the content of my blog by all means follow.  If you’re following just to get me to follow back, don’t hold your breath unless you’re blogging about your spiritual journey.*

Every blogger or Tweeter who follows me gets a look.  If I’m interested in their content I follow back.  If I’m not, I don’t.  Simple.

Then there’s another complication.  if someone follows me and regularly interacts via “likes” or comments, I will not only keep going back to read posts on their blog, I’m likely to eventually follow because I enjoy the interaction.  If I’m not that crazy about the blog I’ll probably skip past most of their posts in the Reader…

What I won’t do is automatically follow someone just because they followed me.  This stuff takes up way too much time.  I’m not willing to add more time reading things that don’t interest me.

How do you feel about following?  Do you have a “follow me back” policy?  If so, why is that important to you?  Do you follow only if you’re really interested?  How do you feel about people who follow just so they can sell stuff or services?

* Another quirk is:  regardless of topic, if it’s full of typos and grammatical and spelling errors or really bad writing, I probably won’t follow…


10 thoughts on “That “follow me or else” thing…

  1. I’ve personally never understood the logic behind the “follow me or else” club. I always picture the end result as a bunch of salesmen sitting in a circle, barking their respective pitches at and over each other, with none of them actually listening or changing their routine.

    That’s aside from the pompous, self-important logic that lies behind it (even the folks who might actually have something to say beyond trying to sell you something); “I started following you, and I am obviously so important and amazing that you should follow me back! And if you don’t, I’ll unfollow you, so watch out!” The social media universe may be, at least in part, a numbers game, but realistically the pool’s so large that one (or ten. Or a hundred.) such individuals are highly unlikely to make or break someone… So playing the follow back game with people who aren’t actually interesting or relevant to you is accomplishing nothing except padding imaginary numbers and filling your reader of choice with things you don’t care about. Which means less time and attention for the things that actually matter to you or your readers. Just seems silly to me.

    Anyway. That’s just my two cents.

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  2. Nope, no follow me and I follow you tactic here. I check out new followers and if I like what they write about or if I like their style I follow. Because I think it is worth it. I don’t expect people to follow me just because I follow them. What I write about might not be interesting to them. And that’s totally okay…


  3. I really like your message here – “follow what you find interesting,not for popularity”, I personally feel that people appreciate what I’m writing and relate if they have decided to follow me and I would feel very let down by people who did it simply for me to reciprocate. I also particularly liked the last sentence of your post, I too will lose interest if the person hasn’t taken the time to revise their post and use proper grammar, everyone should take some pride in their writing or don’t write it.

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    • Yes… I don’t understand doing this just for the numbers without regard to quality or interest though I’m aware that lots of people don’t approach it this way. Sounds like we have similar ideas about this. I tried to take a look at your blog but just got to your gravatar, which doesn’t seem to contain a link to your blog.


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    I agree completely I follow blogs who have something to say or if I enjoy their writing. I appreciate anyone who follows me. I hope it because most of them like my writing not because I follow them.


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