Oh, that Cary Grant

I somehow missed that December was Cary Grant month on Turner Classic Movies until the last Monday, when I noticed a string of his movies and decided to record a few.

Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story trailer

Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story trailer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream Wife, with Deborah Kerr, made the group and I was so pleased when I realized I’d not seen it before.  Kind of silly but with those two, not to mention Walter Pigeon, how could I not enjoy it?  Also got a kick out of seeing a young Richard Anderson, familiar to me for his much later role on Six Million Dollar Man.

For the feminist in me some of the stuff about searching for a woman who’s basically a Stepford Wife, was hard to swallow but I chose to put it down to the times.  Sad to say it seems like plenty of men in the world still prefer a slave/Stepford woman…

I did feel a little irritated that Cary’s character was supposed to be a successful international businessman yet apparently had no awareness that other cultures have different customs.  Seriously?  Always annoying when a major premise of a movie is untenable.

I also picked up Houseboat, which I’d seen before but so long ago it was almost like seeing it the first time.  Great fun.  Slightly hard to swallow that no one could guess that the classy conductor’s daughter was no maid but still lots of great moments, both funny and poignant.

Houseboat (1958), Herbert's favorite of his fi...

Houseboat (1958), Herbert with Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Mimi Gibson and Paul Petersen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paul Peterson as Grant’s son led me to look up The Donna Reed Show — I remembered him as a teen heart throb and was surprised he seemed so young in this movie, which I correctly guessed was about the same time the TV show started (1958).  Funny how memory can be skewed…  I was five so I guess my memories of the show are from an older age.

Also sweet to see Martha Hyer, so young and lovely (not to mention bitchy in this part), shortly after hearing of her death.

Publicity photo of Martha Hyer for Sabrina

Publicity photo of Martha Hyer for Sabrina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Revisted North by Northwest as well.  Long enough since I last saw it that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see it again.  Love the humor peppered throughout.

Wish I’d realized at the beginning of the month that there’d be lots of Grant movies; more would have been recorded I’m sure.  I think I’ll be watching his movies over and over for the rest of my days…