Weekly Small Pleasures

As I noted on the other blog (1) I started the week with the treat of being able to eat Italian food in a restaurant that started offering gluten-free–including the garlic bread and (2) I’ve been sleeping while still having muscles unwinding– so improvement in muscles+sleeping.

My mother and I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner.  She’s not in love with the food so we don’t go often.  I finally suggested a dish tonight that she really liked so it’s now a place she wants to go!

I taped two different versions of the Rose Parade.  We watched one on the day and saved the other.  Finally watched the second one last night and enjoyed it just as much.  I like picking up more than one because different ones seem to emphasize different floats and have different camera angles.  Love the creativity, imagination and beauty of those floats!

For Weekly Small Pleasures.


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