Weekly Small Pleasures: vision-ish things and a zabuton

1.  I sit most of the time in kind of a nest on the floor, leaning against a stadium seat type thing with a big pillow.  It’s a hip thing — mine, which tend to go off-kilter if not kept level, do better on the nice flat floor.  Plus it’s a comfy way to hold my laptop.

The big pillow I’ve used for years has been falling apart for a while now.   It had stuffing instead of a pillow form and the outer fabric started splitting.  Pillow guts have been spilling out incessantly and the fabric eventually was more disintegrating than just splitting.

I looked at pillows in a few places but couldn’t find anything that seemed to suit.  Finally tried out the zabuton that goes with my zafu and it worked so well I ordered a new, thicker one for my nest.  It arrived at the beginning of the week and I LOVE it!  Especially that the very sturdy fabric zips so I can take it off and wash.

2.  While I had a trying week with the unwinding, by the end of it the muscles behind my left eye opened enough that the vision in my left eye has finally started improving.  The right eye, which has improved pretty steadily, is a touch better as well.

Vision Board 2015

3.  Made a vision board; not my favorite, but it was fun and I like it.

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