Small Pleasures: all that skating

The only sport I follow is figure skating — thirty some years.  So the U.S. Figure Skating Championships count big for me. I recorded it all and meted out watching over the week.

This weekend, I forgot for most of it that the Super Bowl was happening and didn’t know who was playing. Nope, the highlight of my weekend was NBC’s airing of the exhibition performances from the Championships.  Kind of a big pleasure really…

And I was thrilled that my long-time favorite, Adam Rippon, performed magnificently in the long program.  And that the U.S. has developed such a deep field in Ice Dance –what a treat to watch.

Finished out the week with a new batch of my Chocolate Coma Avocado Mousse.  Nothing like relatively healthy yummy-ness!

For Weekly Small Pleasures.


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