Weekly Small Pleasures

We had another wild and crazy weather week here in Kentucky.  Wednesday night Lexington got about 20″ over night — even in Michigan we would have been stopped for a day or two by that.

But before the bad weather hit, we ate at favorite restaurant Josie’s.  There’s a lot to love there but one of my favorite things is their weekly salmon special.  Nice fresh salmon with lots of variations on the prep plus two sides.

This time it had a bruschetta topping and I picked broccoli and sugar snap peas for sides.  Yum!  When I had the leftovers I added a portion of Trader Joe’s potatoes with parmesan.


We didn’t try to get out for a couple of days after the giant snow dump but Saturday my mother needed to go to a visitation so I drove her.  The temperature zoomed up into the forties, the sky was bright and blue and the lovely warm sun melted lots of the white stuff.  It was such a treat not only to get out but to be out on a beautiful day, driving on really clear streets (except ours).

We went to lunch after the visitation but hadn’t bothered to check about which restaurants serve lunch on Saturday (many of our favorites don’t) so it took some meandering around past clearly-closed places.  Normally that makes me a little nuts, but it was so nice to be out driving in easy conditions on a fabulous day, I didn’t mind at all.

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  2. I too love salmon and the simply, lovely pleasures of your post. I think the east has stolen all our snow. we are decidedly bereft of snow this year — and cold. It’s quite lovely though I’m sure the farmers are concerned about the lack of moisture!


    • Wow, I didn’t realize we were out-wintering Canada down here! California is in a drought so I keep wishing I could divert some of this, magically turning to rain for them. Supposedly KY is finally done. Yea!


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