Weekly Small Pleasure — Spring and Jazz

1. We woke up on Friday, March 6 to find 20 inches of snow fell over night.  On Wednesday March 11, I wandered around without my jacket, virtually no snow in sight.  As I wrote in a post on the other blog that day, I went home and threw some windows open to let the spring breezes blow away the stagnancy.

We’ve been able to open them briefly a couple more times — a little too cold for it really, but even 15 minutes of fresh air seems so great after an unusually long and hard winter.  Clearly I no longer could make it living back in Michigan, where I grew up, or in Chicago, where I spent many happy years.

2.  In my later clubbing days in Chicago I used to see a Latin jazz band called Chevere whenever I could. The band is made up of a bunch of top local–mostly jazz–musicians who play with other bands and/or or have solo careers and just come together periodically as Chevere.  Chicago has great jazz and this is a band packed with talent.

When I attended a big reunion of the old Amazingrace Coffeehouse a few years back, a friend told me Chevere still plays sometimes.  Yesterday I decided to check into whether they have any upcoming gigs (they do — gonna be trying to organize a visit to Chicago!) and found out they released an album some years back.  Downloaded it right away.  Haven’t had a chance to listen to all of it but I’m loving what I’ve heard so far.


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