Weekly Small Pleasures: Smoothies, etc.

1.  A couple of the smoothies I made this week were particularly yummy.  See post for recipe.  I call it Tropical Smoothie because the tropical flavors wind up being the dominant tastes–for me, anyway–even though there are many non-tropical items in it.

Tropical Smoothie

2. Before the temperature shot down again, we had a day so warm the windows were open for hours.

3.  Cedar plank salmon at a favorite restaurant, The Ketch.

4.  An epiphany has me planning a new vision board; having fun looking at pictures and deciding what to put on it.

For Weekly Small Pleasures.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures: Smoothies, etc.

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    • Since I have no other artistic talent, collage has always been my form, so I enjoy making the boards. I’m guessing yours are gorgeous as well as full of vision.


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