Weekly Small Pleasures: visitors and road trip

Photo: Leigh Gaitskill

Photo: Leigh Gaitskill

1.  More than a small pleasure really…  My dear friend Sue lives in San Jose and we just don’t see one another often enough.  Her husband, Pete, has had family business to attend to in Knoxville several times in recent years and we’ve developed a tradition of meeting somewhere in between for lunch.

A couple of years ago I introduced them to Berea, a charming town in the foothills of Appalachia, which features lots of shops full of beautiful craft items from the mountains, a historic hotel/restaurant and a lovely tuition-free college originally founded in 1866 as an interracial college.  On that occasion we had lunch in the lovely dining room at the hotel, Boone Tavern

On this occasion they chose a nearby restaurant.  It was ok.  The great thing was the company.  I never remember to take pictures when I eat with good friends — too busy enjoying the people to even think about electronics…  Sadly on this occasion that extended to forgetting to take pictures of them…

We shopped around at some of the lovely craft places after lunch.  I’ve been collecting mugs for something like 35 years though I’ve been slowing down in recent years in part due to space issues.  However, I found one of the prettiest mugs I’ve seen in a while (see top photo) and couldn’t resist–especially since I’ll remember my lovely visit with Sue and Pete every time I sip coffee from it.

2.  We haven’t been making it to our favorite Indian restaurant, Masala, as often as usual.  So last night’s Saag Lamb brought great pleasure!

3.  This is our second sunny day in a row, which doesn’t seem to happen much here.  I lived in the Pacific Northwest (Portland then Seattle) during six years between droughts–which included extra rain from Mt. St. Helen’s aftermath and El Nino–when it was grey/misty/rainy something like 28 days a month from September to the middle of July the following year.  This area is the only other place I’ve ever lived that sometimes seems poised to rival that…  So two sunny days in a row is definitely a pleasure!

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