Streamlining food prep

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English: lamb stew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As mentioned in a recent post, I have issues about standing too long so cooking my favorites, which generally have lots of ingredients and steps, is often a challenge.  Since I figured out that you can usually pick and choose among various methods I have been making my way through my go-to recipes and streamlining.

I figured out in cases where you want some veggies cut or sliced but not in a pulp, the food processor gives you mostly uniform slices quickly and easily.  So for lots of soups and stews, I figure out an order for which items will need to saute the longest and work the slicing backwards.

So, for instance, I often grate or slice an onion (or more) in the processor while the EVOO is heating.  Then while the onion sautes, I might next slice broccoli and add it, then run some leafy greens through the slicer and add those.  Instead of having to stand and chop for 30-45 minutes before I even start cooking anything*, this method often gets me to soup simmering or frittata baking or stew cooking in 20-30 minutes total.

As I streamline recipes I’ll post them with instructions.  I have the ingredients for ribollita, so a step-by-step re-tweaked version will appear soon.  If you look at the tabs up top you’ll see that I’ve also added a page for recipes where you can find all that I have posted.

* My fingers and knives don’t have a great history so anything like the speed with which chefs chop isn’t happening for me.  Even assuming I could go that fast if I wanted to.


4 thoughts on “Streamlining food prep

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  2. What a simple and genius idea…I have almost no time to cook but I have a food processor and I think it has those plates. Thanks Leigh 🙂


  3. Most helpful information for me as a person who doesn’t like to cook for all the time it takes to prep. What type of food processor / slicer thingy do you have and or recommend? 🙂


    • I have a Cuisinart but just because it happened to be on sale. As was my previous one, I think a Hamilton Beach. Mine have come with a slicer plate and a grater plate as well as the blade that reduces things to pulp. I just pick the plate that will give me the size I want. I think there are models that come with more plates.

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