Weekly Small Pleasures: Coffee and healing

The main source of pleasure this week came from a great appointment with a healer but I’ve posted about it on the other blog already:  Past Lives and Ancestors, Imprints Gone, and Update.  I’ll be continuing to update there as the process unfolds.

La Coppa

So the source of pleasure for today is coffee.  I’d been meaning to order more from La Coppa,  where I get the best coffee I’ve found outside of France and Italy, but just kept not doing it.  For once procrastination paid off as I received an e-mail this week offering free shipping for two pounds or more.  I jumped on the deal and ordered three pounds –which came to not much more than two pounds plus shipping.

It arrived a couple of days later.  Although I have a bit left from the last batch, I’ve been more often having less expensive local stuff.  I’ve been indulging in a special cup of the good stuff each morning and will for a day or two more before I return to alternating the pricey and the less pricey.

For Weekly Small Pleasures

*Last batch they sent whole bean.


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