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Ever since WP unveiled the “improved” new posting experience some months ago I have tried it periodically and found it frustrating and not easier but more difficult than the old supposedly less good experience.

Through the entire time that you could choose, I kept trying the new and then choosing to go back to the old method.  For a bit when they switched it over to the new method and took away the option of choosing the old, I used the new method again.  Every time I wind up gnashing my teeth.

I was so pleased to realize that if I mouse over “My Sites” and go down to “Blog Posts” and click, I can click on “add new” at the top of the page and get the old posting experience.  Dread the day they take that away.

The old method gave me lovely long lists of my tags and categories over on the side.  Now it lists a tiny few and I have to keep typing in some or all of every tag and category I want to put on my post.  It’s been kind of iffy whether starting to type a much-used tag or category will lead to a drop down list of suggestions.  So much easier in the old experience to just click on all the ones I want without having to type anything.

The editing drives me particularly nuts.  If I click “edit” from a published post it puts me into the new improved experience — which takes all the paragraphs out.  I not only have to fix whatever mistake I noticed but I have to put every paragraph back in.  How is that an improvement?

In editing it also sometimes only puts the upper half of the post in the editing box.  No amount of trying to scroll down to the bottom gets me there.  Better make sure never to make a mistake in the latter half of a post.

Again, at the moment, if you go to the Blog Posts page and click edit you can get the old editing experience in which all your paragraphs are still intact.

Is anybody else finding these problems?  Having some great experience with the new improved experience that I’m just missing?  Having a problem I haven’t noted yet?  Any way we can get them to let us keep using the old experience that’s so much better than the improved one?


4 thoughts on “WordPress’s not improved posting experience

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  2. I work on a laptop and I have three blogs with three themes and the issue in the new posting set-up is the same with all three. Found nothing helpful in forum. I just want to be able to use the post “program” I’ve been using all along — as noted, at the moment I’ve figured out how I still can, but I assume they’re going to phase out the old system all together and, for me, it’s a step backwards, not an improvement…


  3. I am sorry to read of all your editing problems. Maybe you can find out what’s going on in the Forum
    Personally I don’t have these problems as I only have one site and work from my Dashboard all the time.
    Dashboard / Posts / All Posts / Edit (draft)
    Maybe it’s your theme or working on a smartphone or tablet which I don’t know about as I use a laptop.
    Good luck and I hope you get it sorted out soon.
    Ralph ❤


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