Share Your World #28

What is your favorite comfort snack food?

Probably chocolate.  Lately I’ve been working my way through Trader Joe’s many dark chocolate offerings.

If we’re talking salty, potato chips although I’ve been having Trader Joe’s Inner Peas snack instead since they’re so much better for me.

I’ve been trying for years to long for an apple or a carrot when I want a snack but so far it doesn’t stick 🙂

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you had to spend one weekend alone in a single store but could remove nothing, which store would you pick? (except food or beverage)

I’d want one of the old-fashioned department stores with many departments like furniture, appliances, clothes, and sometimes books.  That way I could sit and read, watch TV, have a variety of things to explore and have a comfortable place to sleep while waiting to be let out.

I’m not much of a shopper (were terrorists behind me being stuck in a store???) so comfort and relief from boredom would be my primary wishes.  I suppose a snack bar would be nice too.  Two days is kind of a long time to be stuck in a store without food.  And a shower in the employee area…  Perhaps you’re starting to see why I’m not a camper…

What was the largest city you have been to?  What is the one thing you remember most?

I’m interested to see that the rankings vary quite a bit depending on whether you’re talking largest metropolitan area, urban area or city proper.  On all those lists New York counts as the largest city I’ve been to, unless a couple of hours in the Jakarta airport counts as being there.

The New York trip was one of those ill-fated journeys when events seem to conspire against.  Never got to see any major sights, it was BEASTLY hot and I was happy to leave and never go back.

Los Angeles is the next largest and I’ve been there several times.  Never took to it.

Either London or Paris is next, depending on which list you’re using.  My only visit to London was at a time when theater tickets were very reasonable and I went to a play every day.  Lovely.  Also loved the parks.

Then comes Chicago.  I lived in the metropolitan area and/or city proper for a stretch of years two different times.  Adore that city.  Always have, always will.  Probably the first thing I think of is driving down Lake Shore Drive with the city skyline looming ahead.

Of all these major cities, I’d say Paris is my favorite as a visitor.  Of course, I spent a summer there, so I had more time to get to know it. The history, the beauty, the amazing food, the art — hard to pick what stands out the most about Paris. Don’t think I’d enjoy living there – it’s the south of France that would call me if I felt inclined to live over there.


And I went blank when it came to the final two… for this week’s Share Your World


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