TV and that coughing thing

Two envelopes of Vick Cough Drops.

Two envelopes of Vick Cough Drops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has anyone else noticed that in recent years any ailment there is is now portrayed on TV as having a cough associated with it?  Any time a character is ill, at some point they’re coughing while looking miserable.  Whether or not the illness or injury would ever involve a cough.

Poisoned?  Hack, hack, hack.  Broken leg?  Hawking ensues.  Leukemia?  Heart disease?  Cough, cough, cough.  Do Hollywood writers really think coughing is a symptom of every ailment known to man?

Or do they just not believe that any of the actors are capable of carrying off the appearance of illness-induced misery without a cough to carry them through?  Or are that many actors really so bad that the only way they can think of to portray being sick is to cough?

I’m sorry, when the guy with the mysterious fever or the woman who has been in a car accident start coughing to let us know they’re sick, it just looks stupid.