Changing the view

We had an unexpectedly pretty day most of today, given the predictions for storms.  So we decided to head out to Windy Corner early for dinner (it gets CRAZY noisy by 6 p.m.).  Windy Corner is a really good restaurant in an old  country grocery building way out in the country and they work really hard at doing food with local products as much as possible.

The road out to the restaurant is one you pick up on the other side of town from us and there’s a busy and quite ugly way to get over there and a more meandering route that takes us through familiar and historic parts of old Lexington.  I almost always choose the nostalgic path.  Then, a couple of miles out on Bryan Station Road you leave city and subdivisions behind and find yourself driving a narrow road under a canopy of trees and passing lovely farms spread over the hilly countryside.

My favorite dish at Windy Corner is a Health Pub Basket, which is a steamer basket with usually five or six kinds of fresh local vegetables and you can add salmon, tofu or shrimp (steamed with the veggies).  They make their own salad dressings and I add salmon and then choose their lemon oregano vinaigrette for dribbling every time.  One of those healthy meals that’s so delicious I don’t pine for the fried seafood baskets or burgers that are wafting by.

By the time we set out for the restaurant the clouds were rolling in and just as we headed out to the car after dinner the deluge arrived.  We sank onto one of the benches on the covered porch and stared in awe at the beautiful fields across from us–unusually green for August this rainy year– and the foggy mist draping the trees in the distance.

I love to go out there because the beautiful drive into the country always lifts my spirits.  The restaurant is basically surrounded by horse farms so the views once you’re there are lovely.  Normally I like to go on sunny days to maximize the enjoyment of the countryside (and because the narrow country road is a bit unnerving to drive in crappy weather).  But the beauty of the rain and the mist and the fresh air today became the perfect beauty to perk me up and leave me in total gratitude.