Flint: the 2015 journey home

As I mentioned in a post from Flint, I took a better camera but forgot the cable that would let me upload pictures so decided to wait to post.  I didn’t mean to wait so long (threw out my back) so I’m thinking instead of a day-by-day account, I’m just going to put together a few posts that combine things.

A lot of what we do is the same every year: favorite restaurants, old friends, the Flint Institute of Arts, drives around old familiar places, and a day in Ann Arbor.  This year for some reason seemed especially magical.  Things fell into place, last-minute calls produced dinner meet-ups and we just thoroughly enjoyed everything we did.  In spite of a  rental car with incredibly uncomfortable seats 🙂

I thought I’d feature our visit to Flushing Park first even though it was later in the week.  [Hey, I like this after-the-event, random-posts-in-whatever-crazy-order-I-choose method!].  We generally try to take a drive through the park but that’s often lobbed if we wind up pressed for time.

Since we were in magic mode, with all falling into place and things getting done, the day we drove out to Flushing* for lunch and to pick up our apples from the orchard was lovely and we had extra time.  So, apples stowed, I drove back into town, used the car-side thingy at A&W to get drinks (my first root beer float–or float of any sort– in DECADES!] and headed to the park.

On a weekday afternoon, we found a quiet table and ambled over to sit and enjoy.  Did I mention the weather was perfect?  As we sipped and enjoyed the peace and fresh air, I suddenly saw movement and realized three young deer were moving through the park.

They never got too close and the camera being better than the one on my phone isn’t saying much, so they’re hard to see, but they’re in there, except in one view of a pavilion.  Plus you get to see the lovely park.

We both agreed it was a refreshing addition to our usual itinerary and wondered why we hadn’t thought to stop and enjoy before…  Maybe something to do with Mom, who long ago instigated many a picnic in that and other parks in the area, now not liking to be outside???  But she drank it up this time.

*Flushing is a little town outside Flint and we moved out there just as I turned 12 and started junior high.  My parents lived there for another 12 years or so after I graduated.


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