Share Your World #43

Lama debating

Lama debating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week’s Share Your World from Cee:

If you were on a debate team, what general subject would you relish debating?

Although I can be very argumentative, I don’t think I’d be on a debate team.  The nature of debate is taking a position from which you don’t back down and the idea that there is a winning position.

Since I’ve been aiming to practice right speech, I’ve fallen in love with the core idea that true communication is entered with a willingness to be changed by the conversation.  To really listen to the other side with a mind open to the possibility you will change your position or synthesize the two in some way.  I don’t feel debate holds any space for such a philosophy…

What’s your strongest sense?

Depends on how “strongest” is meant.  My eyes, for instance, still need corrective lenses at this point (thanks to unwinding muscles, on the way to not needing) but I probably use my vision more than any other sense.

I love great food, which I think of as involving both smell and taste and I adore the scent of something yummy roasting or baking in the oven.  But I don’t know that my sense of smell is particularly acute and I definitely don’t have the gift some have of taking a sniff or a taste and being able to name all the ingredients in something.

I studied music for many years and loved it and have always had a big collection and listen regularly.  I’m also easily affected by sounds.  Many people’s voices make me cringe.  Many sounds bother me. Other sounds can soothe me.  I can get a headache in five minutes of sitting in a really noisy restaurant.  But is that a strong sense or just an annoying use of one???

I think I could safely say that touch is the one I have least in my consciousness though there are fabrics and items I can’t stand the feel of.  Most of the time I touch things without being mindful of how it feels…

The one I’d like to develop more fully is the sixth sense.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Hanging in There

List your favorite flavors or types of tea.

Not really a big fan of tea.  I favor the not-so-good-for-you black teas and generally Indian over Chinese.  Of those, some Earl Greys (which does happen to use Chinese) and some Darjeelings would top the list but in both there are brands whose versions I can’t stand.  I also like many sorts with cinnamon in them.

I’ve tried really hard to like the better-for-me herbal and green teas, but for the most part I just don’t like ’em.  I have fallen in love with Celestial Seasoning’s Bengal Spice; the only herbal I’ve found that has a nice strong flavor and tastes good to me and got myself switched from a late-night cup of black tea to Bengal Spice instead.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?


Grateful for lovely weather that let us open windows and enticed me to take up walking again for the first time in a while.  Not that I was completely bed ridden, I did walk for normal activities, but, you know, actually saying “I’m going for a walk” and then heading out 🙂  This week I’m looking forward to more walks now that I’m getting back in the habit.


4 thoughts on “Share Your World #43

  1. I really liked your answer about debating, about being willing to be changed by the conversation. Where were you on my call today with my mom, sigh ?

    I more and more lean in that direction by putting away pre-package responses and being open to having my mind changed. When the other person is in argumentative mode, my intentions often go out the window as I look for an exit strategy or compelling counterpoint.

    I keep practicing ho’oponopono and will keep this up until the shift is evident.

    peace on, Linda


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