Cee’s Share Your World #45

Cee’s questions for Share Your World this week:

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”?

That I’m not sure I know what it is any more.  Years ago I’d probably have named “clubbing” as top.  Loved to go hear great bands and dance at the clubs in Chicago.  Now it sounds loud and hellish to me.

Salty being Salty...

Salty being Salty…

Now I like more quiet things like reading, art museums, etc.  Although I have fun with my cat.  Or at least I think he’s funny.  Like his fave activity when he can’t decide if he wants to be in or out:  go to cat door and lie down with the front half out and the back half in…  That cracks me up.

What is your favorite time of day?

The wee hours of the night/morning when most of the world (at least the part of it in my time zone 🙂 ) is asleep and everything is quiet.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want have a evening with?

One part of me wants to name someone like the Dalai Lama or Ammachi, because I think it would be so interesting and amazing.

But I also think it would feel sort of uncomfortable since I don’t really know them.  So then I think of a few great friends who are deeply spiritual and full of wisdom and I’d name Gay and Sybil as my top choices.  The conversation is always deep and at the same time I’m basking in the love we share and the comfort of knowing…  And, as we live far apart I don’t get to spend an evening nearly often enough.

Complete this sentence: Something that anyone can do that will guarantee my smile is…

Hold up a puppy or a kitten.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

We had some lovely days and I got to take nice walks.  This week I’m looking forward to being out from under a promise to read someone’s book and write a review.  Review is done and in queue to be published so the coming week feels lighter already!


3 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World #45

  1. Thanks for sharing Salty with us. He is so cute! I agree with you, books and art over clubbing. I am enjoying this series and would join in if I could make the commitment. Speaking if which, continued success with NABLOPOMO. What does that stand for?

    peace, Linda


    • Thanks, he is a cutie.
      Actually part of what I like about Share Your World is you don’t have to make a commitment. People drop in and out at random. If she asks questions that leave me blank, I just don’t do it. Sometimes Cee doesn’t even put the questions up… 🙂 So some week when you are jazzed by the questions, jump on in. It would be fun to see your answers.
      BTW Happy Birthday! I’m behind on blog reading so I saw it late; sorry it’s belated but still, HAPPY, HAPPY!

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