More on the NOT IMPROVED Wordpress Posting Experience

This week the day I’ve been dreading finally arrived (see previous post).  At first it seemed I could no longer do a back door sneak into the old WordPress editor I love, leaving me only able to use the seriously not improved experience on all three blogs…. Except I accidentally found out how to get the old editor back!  See below to learn how.

Among the many things to dislike about the new one, at least according to what I’m able to figure out:

  1. When you clicked on the “link” button in the old editor you not only got a blank line in which to put a URL link to somewhere else, but a list opened underneath that showed your posts and let you search for a particular post to which you wanted to link.  No more.  Now if I want to link to an old post I have to open the blog in a second tab, search from the side bar of my blog, find the post, copy the URL for it and then toggle back to the editor to paste it in.
  2. Down below the text box a running tally of your word count was kept in the old version.  I have kind of a thing about trying to keep my posts 800 words or less (doesn’t always work 🙂 ) so I checked my word count all the time.  Gone.  Now if I want to keep track I have to copy everything I’ve typed, open Word, paste in the text and check the word count there….  repeatedly…
  3. When I started adding Tags in the old experience, the whole list of Tags I use with any frequency showed up and I could just zoom down the list, clicking on everything I needed.  Now only a partial list shows up and for anything else I have to start typing.
  4. In the old experience “Preview” opened a preview of the post in a new tab.  It made it easy to toggle back and forth between the draft and the preview so as soon as I saw a mistake I could jump to the draft to correct it and then go back to previewing; the preview window would still be sitting at the point where I left it.  Now the preview opens as a box that covers the draft.  The only way back to the draft is to close the box.  Then when I hit preview again, it opens at the beginning and I have to find my way back to wherever I was in reading it.
  5. I am signed up with Zemanta and I use the pictures that show up in the side bar a LOT for my posts; sometimes the ones they suggest, sometimes by doing my own search in their box.  Now the only way I get anything about Zemanta is in my new-found sneak back to the old editor (see below).  If they take this sneak away you apparently won’t be able to use Zemanta any more…???
  6. It used to be when you clicked on “add media” a box would open that included an “Insert YouTube” choice.  It opened a box in which you could do a search of YouTube videos, choose the one you wanted and click on it to embed it.  For some reason I’ve never been able to get he “embed” links from YouTube itself to put the video in so that it actually shows up in my blog so I generally searched for what I wanted on their site (get a few more options and suggestions there plus I can watch the video to see if it’s what I want), then put the title in the search box on WordPress so I could choose it and click “insert”.  Now I’m apparently back to having to use those embed codes that just stick a link in instead of the actual video.


The one piece of good news I’ve found lies in the ellipses to the right on the task bar at the top of the box.  When you click on it a second task bar opens up below the main one.  This is where the horizontal line option disappeared to; whew, thought I’d lost it.  There are also a couple of new options over in the list to the left of the text box that mean nothing to me–possibly they’ll turn out to be useful???

Now for my totally accidentally-encountered path back to the old editor:  Something went awry and took me away from the draft of a post I was writing and back to the home page for the blog.  I went into WP Admin to click on the draft (shows up in mine on the right hand side of the Admin page, down a bit) and get back to it and lo and behold it opened in the old editor!  Yeah!  Zemanta, back!  Insert YouTube, back!  Tags in a big old list, back!  So start your post, save a draft, go into WP Admin, click on the title of the draft and take yourself back to the old editor.

I also scheduled a blog post, then went back later to the WP Admin page and clicked on the link for the scheduled post (on the left side of Admin and down a ways) to add something and it opened in the old editor.

So, either start your post and save draft or start your post and schedule it to be posted later, then click on the post title from WP Admin and get the old editor.

Please please please WordPress, don’t take away this little back door to the old editor.  Better yet, quit trying to make us use the new one and give back the old as the default.


10 thoughts on “More on the NOT IMPROVED Wordpress Posting Experience

  1. I can’t state strongly enough how I DESPISE the new editor in all its “new experience” glory. They have not listened to the thousands of us complaining, and as far as I can see they have no intention of listening in future. Looking into changing hosting sites now, since they closed the last “back door” to the old editor I formerly used. (I knew the day would come… grr!) Thank you for the new work around – I shall give it a try. Once they close this loophole, I believe I may just close down my blog for good… or seek a new hosting site. After paying for my themes and ad free status, this failure to listen to us is really, really upsetting. Thank you for your advice! xx MH


    • I know you’re not the only one thinking about leaving because of this. I’m kind of settled into my WordPress blogging community and I’ve worked hard to build the small following I have. I’ve watched so many people lose most of their subscription base by moving to another host, I’m not prepared to do that, so I guess I’ll just be here whining when they take away every means of getting the old editor…

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      • I agree… I’m probably not willing to give up y community either. It is very frustrating, though. Thanks so much for the workaround, btw – please, may they never plug the hole with javascript rubbish! 🙂 xx

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    • There seem to be a lot of us who hate the new editor — can’t tell if there are more who like it (though I have yet to hear of it) or whether WP just isn’t listening… I’m SO glad I stumbled into a way to still get the old editor.

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