Share Your World #4

This week’s Share Your World:

What one thing are you really glad you did yesterday?

The one thing was actually several strung together.  I was in the mood for a few different types of meditation, so I first did the Ego Eradicator, then a visualizing meditation, then chanted the Gayatri Mantra and Om Shanti Om.  Heavenly.

Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?

A mix.  I try to stay in the moment.  But, having been ill for a long time, it’s been hard not to look to the future with hope of getting back to a healthier more energetic life.  So I slip into focusing on the future in spite of my best attempts at being mindfully in the now.

Would you want to have as a guardian angel/mentor? What would they tell you right now?

I’ve been fortunate to have many.  Don’t know that I have one person I’d want to have–assuming the question is about someone I don’t know whom I’d like to have as a mentor.  I guess maybe Wayne Dyer — getting a REAL angel into the scenario! — seemed like he’d be an enthusiastic and encouraging mentor/coach.  So if he could be my guardian angel from the other side, that might be nice.

One of my teachers has been a great friend and sometimes mentor.  She’s always positive and supportive about my choices.  Whatever I choose to pursue and no matter how many times I set off down a new track, she’s always sure I’ll be good at it.  Really I don’t think you could get a better mentor than that.  She’s been telling me my voice is sounding stronger and my energy feels stronger and better.  That works for me as a thing to hear.

I also have spirit guides to whom I tune in often and they’re telling me this long healing journey is almost finished.  Best news ever!

Would you rather live in a cave house or a dome house made out of glass? (photos of the houses found on google search)

glass dome home

That’s another of those “could it be neither?” choices for me.  I don’t like to be in dark places or without windows or under ground, so that cave is a definite no.  And, while I love a lot of windows and plenty of light, I also have a major thing about privacy, so an all-windows place in which it’s virtually impossible to use drapes and shades, etc. to achieve some privacy would make me pretty uneasy–which mean, unless the all-windows dome home is in a deep forest in an area where no one ever hikes, I’m not keen on that either.  But I’d take the light and above-ground dome home over the cave…  If there were no other choices…

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

My muscles were pretty quiet and I got enough rest to do stuff.  Just little stuff most people wouldn’t think anything of.  That included meditating a number of times and exercising more and both felt SO good.  I’m looking forward to the snow clearing and being able to get around more easily.


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