Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

This challenge to photograph half-light took a little contemplating.  To begin with I wasn’t sure what was meant by half-light and whether it really only refers to evening; had to do a little googling to be sure I had it.  Pretty much what I think of as dawn and dusk or sunrise and twilight.

I’m not a big poetry fan and haven’t read much poetry in years, so no favorite poem at all comes to mind let alone one with something about twilight in it.  Probably something in Emily Dickinson, who is (was?) a favorite of mine, would fit but I haven’t read any of hers in so long, I’d have to pull out a volume and read…  But, you know, poetry, don’t wanna…  And I must admit, generally when people pair a picture and a poem I’m left scratching my head over the connection.

So then I turned to songs.  Had to run a search for songs as, again nothing occurred to me, and discovered I’m not that much of a fan of any songs I could find referring to dawn or twilight, etc.  Anyone my age pretty much has a loop of the Eagle’s Tequila Sunrise stuck somewhere in their head, I think, but I never felt too keen on a song about regularly being drunk at dawn.  Possibly too much alcoholism in my family tree to find that amusing…

Guess I just have to say it with pictures.  These are all from the little park behind the houses across the street from me, just as the sun was going down:

And these are from my files, a rainbow at twilight in Flint and a view from my front porch:

Flint rainbow

1Autumn 2015


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

  1. gorgeous Leigh. is that Flint Michigan with the water fiasco?

    BTW, I recently paired pictures with poetry or quotes to mimic the contest in the film Words and Pictures. love the synchroncities, Honestly, your photos stand quite well on their own.


    • Yes, that’s Flint MI.
      I did read your post and thought you were eloquent about the words and pictures thing — I just don’t do that link very easily for some reason…
      And thanks glad you liked my photos!

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