Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

This challenge turned out to really be a …. challenge for me 🙂

I’ve been in a place of transition for some time (that story has been unfolding on my main blog }, in which much is changing and I don’t have a sense of where I’m headed next.  For once I’m trying not to micromanage or fearfully start concocting plans because I can’t take not knowing.

A state of limbo, if you will, in which the future is shrouded in mist.  Hmm..  Not much wanting to take photos of fog, I wasn’t sure what would suit.  I thought of the Rune, “Unknowable”, the blank rune.  Turns out a rune with nothing on it doesn’t make such an interesting picture…  go figure:


A little more contemplating this time of limbo reminded me I’m waiting as part of learning to go with the flow.  Increasingly I try to live by intuition and inner guidance, to flow with divine spirit instead of letting my mind be in charge.  Metaphysically, I think of it as “being on the Tao”; getting in the current and going with its flow.

I’d had a project in mind last week to head down to the Kentucky River where it flows by long-time restaurant Hall’s By the River to take photos.  On the only pretty day I wound up unable to go.  But once I’d decided how to meet the challenge, I knew I needed to go and yesterday was the only nice day in the forecast for some time (though today turned out to be quite pretty too).  So, my flowing into the future picture:

Kentucky River by Hall's 0

And it was such a lovely outing, thought I’d leave you with a few more:


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

  1. That looks like a lovely and relaxing walk down by Kentucky River. The water looks calm and a lovely shade of blue, almost sparkling. Hope you work things out. There’ve been times where I’ve felt like I’ve been in limbo – not sure where I am going, not sure what I want to do. But it always works out in the end 🙂


    • Thanks, it is lovely by the river though you can’t actually walk too far along it.
      I find when I move with the flow things not only work out, they tend to work out better… So yes, it will be fine.

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