WPC: Curve

Never made it to get the photographs I intended for this, but for once I made it within the week of the challenge!   This week’s challenge is Curves.

When I walk I carry a little bag with a few things, including my cell phone.  If I want to take pictures I generally throw my little Kodak in as well, since the phone takes pretty poor pictures.  This time I’d not thought I’d take any shots so just had the phone.  As I entered the park the sun was a fiery red ball.

I felt there were too many branches in the way so I pulled out the phone and set it on camera but kept walking.  By the time I got up a rise to where I thought I could get a better shot the sun had disappeared but I started noticing curves everywhere:


4 thoughts on “WPC: Curve

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  3. I love the last picture. I don’t know if it’s out of focus on purpose or by design but it works for me. That’s the type of picture, had it been one I’d have taken, I’d drop into a frame and put it on the wall.


    • Thanks. I have that set to randomly change the order of the pictures every time the page comes up so I’m not sure which was last for you, but a few of them came out in questionable quality because of the crappy phone camera. They’d have all been probably clearer if I’d stuck my other camera in… But I appreciate the kind words and I agree that a couple of the blurrier ones came out kind of interesting almost because of the blur.


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