WPC: Opposites

This week’s photo challenge, Opposites, has pretty much stumped me.  In fact, I’ve been feeling a little dense about a number of recent challenges–not helped by the fact I’ve not been feeling great and therefore haven’t been keen to wander around with a camera.

With some challenges I have an immediate image of where I can take a photo that would suit but recently I’ve been drawing a blank.  A friend and I started taking these challenges a while back as an addition to a daily e-mail check-in thing we’ve been doing for over two years now.  (Hers are not being put up as blog posts or I’d link you to her, but you might want to check out her blog on quilting and quilt repairs, Ann Quilts)

The idea of the photo challenge for us is mainly to (1) have an artistic project to focus on and (2) to have a reason we both have to get out and about — preferably not just to the usual places.  When it’s worked best I’ve gotten out in the country or discovered there’s more to a local park than I realized and maybe along the way I’ve discovered a new coffee shop to try or some other spot I’d like to explore another day.

Anyway, more to the point, I didn’t have an idea, didn’t want to fall back on using old photos (as I have the last couple of times), and didn’t want to drive around aimlessly looking for inspiration, so I took my camera to the back yard and got a few shots.  Just that 10 minute foray out into the sunshine and a new perspective as I sought appropriate subjects perked me up.  And I added a few recent shots I thought might fit a challenge one day:

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