Share Your Word #29

Cee’s Share Your World for this week:

What is the perfect pizza?

Luigi's Pepperoni

Luigi’s Pepperoni

When I was three a restaurant opened in Flint called Luigi’s.  When we first went I didn’t like pizza so, to be honest, I don’t know what I ate.  Eventually I loved it. They make the thinnest, nicest crust I’ve ever encountered and in all the cities I’ve lived in — Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco — I never found a thin crust pizza that could compare.  People from Flint call in from all over the country asking to have pizza express mailed…

At the same time, I have to mention that in my Chicago years I fell in love with Chicago pan pizza — which I think of as just a different thing.  I’ve never found it to be as good outside of Chicago.  Even when Uno’s went national, I never thought the pizza at other locations was as good as the original.

And then there’s the pizza in Naples; we should probably call the stuff over here by a different name because nothing we do is close to theirs.  Or they should give it a new name to distance themselves from the American versions… 🙂

What is your favorite time of day?

I tend to like sunset and twilight.  I love the colors and I also love that sort of peaceful, moment-in-between feeling.  I often walk during the last 15 minutes or so before the sun is completely down.  In the heat I do it because it has cooled down by then, but even when it isn’t that hot I like that time because the soft light is so lovely, the park gets pretty quiet, and I can enjoy the peace.

Show us two of your favorites photographs?  The photos can be from anytime in your life span.  Explain why they are your favorite.

I’ve never gotten around to turning old photos into jpegs so most of my long time favorites aren’t available to post.

This one is from just this last spring.  I went down to a spot by the Kentucky River where there’s a restaurant (which also means a place to park the car for a few minutes; often not something you can easily do by the river) and this shot just captures the feeling of the river for me in a way I haven’t done before:

Kentucky River by Hall's 0

This one I took several years ago while house sitting for my friends in Corte Madera.  They used to have an apartment at one side of the house, which I rented (they’ve re-absorbed it into one whole again).  Although I was on foot when I took this picture, it captures the view of the road just where it curves around to the house, so it’s not just familiar, but the view that always said to me, “you’re home” as I drove up.


Complete this sentence:  I’m looking forward to…. 

A life with healthy muscles and plenty of energy.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

It’s been hot and humid here with lots of storms and I’ve been grateful for a strong relatively new roof and working AC.  The week coming up doesn’t have anything scheduled that I’m looking forward to so I guess I’ll be grateful for breathing…



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  1. I enjoy learning more and more about you. I also love those transition, liminal times. I really miss pizza, but more places are offering dairy free versions. That picture looks quite tempting 🙂

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