TCM’s Summer Under the Stars 2016

For once I actually remembered to start looking at the TCM schedule last week and set up a bunch of stuff to record during the first week of Summer Under the Stars but never got around to writing a post for the kick-off.  For the whole month of August, every day Turner Classic Movies will feature a different classic movie star and show his or her movies all day from 6 a.m. to 5:59 a.m. the next day.

Day one was Edward G. Robinson.  I like him, but I only watch a few genres and he mostly made movies of the types I won’t watch:  gangsters, dark melodramas and some westerns…  So didn’t choose to record any.

English: Lucille ball

English: Lucille ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day two was Lucille Ball and in the early part of the day they showed a lot of her pre-I Love Lucy films, many of which I’d never seen.  Boy she made a lot of dumb movies.  I couldn’t make it through several of the ones I recorded

I managed to get through The Affairs of Annabel, but really only because I was working on the computer so I managed to ignore a good bit of the stupidity of it.  That’s Right, You’re Wrong starred Kay Kyser more than Lucy and was possibly the dumbest movie I ever saw — I wound up fast forwarding through something like 45 minutes of it…  Also fast forwarded through most of Next Time I Marry.  I tolerated a bit more of Beauty for the Asking, but zipped forward through a chunk of it too.

A Girl, A Guy and a Gob sat on my DVR until today and, though silly, I kind of enjoyed it.  But then, besides liking Lucille Ball, I’m a long time fan of George Murphy…  Of course, one of those in the fast forward list had a bunch of people I like and was far too stupid to watch…


Cropped screenshot of Bing Crosby from the tra...

Bing Crosby  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 3 was Bing Crosby day and I have several recordings yet to watch.  Today was Fay Wray and I don’t think I chose to record anything — none of the descriptions enticed me (and what a lot of one- and two-star movies she made).  King Kong is one of those genres I never watch.  When the other girls turned on stuff like that at childhood slumber parties I just rolled my eyes and went to sleep.

I’ll report on the Crosby movies as I get through them.

This is a great chance to see a lot of old movies and, while they always show some of the most famous numbers, they usually dig up some obscure ones and give you a chance to see old films that aren’t often shown.  Many of them with good reason 🙂  But still, it’s fun to just wander through the previously unseen parts of the archives.