WPC Challenges — Catching Up

I’ve been missing in action for a while mainly lots of weather issues left me unwilling to head out with the camera…

I’ve managed a few miscellaneous shots finally that meet a few recent challenges.

The current challenge is “Frame”.  This shot is of the skylight above where I’ve been hanging out reading and writing on the sun porch:

Sun porch skylight

Re:  “Morning”.  The bathroom has the only window in my part of the house where I can see the morning sun. so the first shot captures what I saw one recent morning.  And then my favorite part of the morning…  coffee:

For “Fun“, I took a shot of one of the many horses around town that were part of a big event for which local artists painted lots of horses which were then auctioned off.  And a shot of my favorite little guy in his new favorite sleeping spot…on my laptop bag.

If it ever cools down and quits raining I still have a plan for shooting “Narrow”.


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