WPC: Local

Lots of stuff lately getting in the way of posting photos, not the least of which is the missing cord for uploading them…  But this challenge caught my attention and, since my response can use photos already on the computer, I figured I’d give it a try.

It’s an interesting moment for me to consider “local” since I’ve been feeling out of sorts with Lexington and trying to decide where I feel most at home.

The number one place for me is Marin County, CA with the caveat that I’ve sworn never to live any place so crazy expensive without a big enough budget.

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I grew up adoring Lexington, so it’s been a big disappointment to dislike so much about the way it has grown and changed.  But there are places still that take me back to childhood and remind me what there is to love:

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I also have had a long love affair with Chicago but my years there were before digital cameras and I’ve never gotten any of my old photos converted, so I have no pics of my own to post…


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