Share Your World #43

Yup, I’m really late.  But I’ve realized my tardiness works out well for me on this NanoPoblano/NaBloPoMo thing as Share Your World will now take up two days on the first week!  Yay.

Cee’s Share Your World questions for last week:

What are you really glad you did yesterday?


Hung out on the sun porch reading and writing with a sweet breeze blowing across me.

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?

One floor.  I don’t like the sound issues you get with more than one floor and I have a knee that doesn’t love stairs.

Have you done something you truly want to do today?

Got started on National Blog Posting Month by scheduling post one to go up around midnight tonight (Monday) and this post will be scheduled for Tuesday (on the cusp of Wednesday).  Glad to get it started.

What plans did you have as a teenager that didn’t happen? Are you happy it didn’t work out that way?

I really wanted to go to a music conservatory instead of college and especially to go to the only one at the time that didn’t make you do classical — California Institute of the Arts.  Majoring in music at any kind of school got a big no from my family and going that far away from home (Michigan) got a big negative as well.  I wasn’t the kind of kid to figure out how to do it without them.

In hindsight I’m not sure whether it worked out for the best or not but it is what it is.  I will say that as an adult I’ve come to question whether I really have the right talent set to be good at the music I’d have wanted to do

All my training was classical and I did well with that but my real love is more jazz and rock oriented.  The people who are best at those–in terms of what I like– have unique voices and more improv ability than I ever had. I think I have more the kind of voice that wows ’em in the community theater production of Music Man.  Not where I wanted to go with it.

I loved my time at Northwestern and made great friends and set off in some new directions which have in some ways reshaped my life, so it worked out okay.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful we got an easy solution to problems my mother was having with her very expensive new hearing aids.  I’m looking forward to another week for which lovely weather is predicted and am hoping to get out for some nice walks.




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