The trip to Flint 2016

As my regular followers know, my mother and I started making annual visits back to my hometown 11 or 12 years ago.   This year it was touch and go.  We planned to go in June instead of September–just changing things up–but Mom had a series of health issues that added up to postponing.

To some extent we’re still working our way through the pain issues but enough of the problems were resolved or improved by the end of September so we made a fast decision and booked the trip.

Flint isn’t a great city.  There’s very little in the way of scenic beauty and great architecture never showed up on the skyline.  Since GM pulled Buick and the other GM-family plants out of town and destroyed the economy things have gotten steadily worse.

But it was home and my mother has a bunch of friends who still live in the area.  A few restaurants from my childhood still exist and we’ve found a few more to love.  A love affair with the Flint Institute of the Arts blossomed…

Even though it rained through the ENTIRE trip we had a grand time.  Saw all the friends (except one of mine, daughter of one of Mom’s friends, whom we did get to see…), ate at all the fave places (except the one that turned into an events and catering place…), visited the Art Institute and spent a day in Ann Arbor.

Picture taking mostly didn’t happen.  You know, in the rain…  And my camera isn’t really built for indoor shots unless I’m near a sunny window.

We were on the third –and top — floor of our hotel and I caught a couple of shots of the intriguing view; never did decide exactly what I was seeing beyond the nearby buildings.  I also whipped the camera out when we parked behind The Laundry and walked past their amazing gardens.  It was pouring so trust me, I shot FAST.

We met four of Mom’s friends at the Laundry, a VERY popular restaurant in the little lake town of Fenton.  These two couples were some of my parents’ earliest friends after moving to Flint from Kentucky and I’ve known them all since I was something like two or three.  Rain can’t dampen the warmth and pleasure of an afternoon like that.

So the few shots from this year’s trip:

Last year I did a series of posts in which I catalogued our favorite people and places, studded with lots of photos.  The series started here and continued with a post about FIA and then a piece on restaurants (Fandangles being the one that’s gone).