Cell Phones, Social Media and me

OK, not quite that old… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I participate in a lot of computer-related stuff and am a member of various social media sites, in many ways I’m out of step with the times about all this.  I do love blogging, but I’ve never taken to most social media and I really don’t like cell phones…

I’ve been feeling like I should make a statement to my friends — blogging and otherwise — about my vagaries in these realms.


Okay, I do have one.  I just don’t give out the number.  Or answer it (that would be because the sound is ALWAYS turned off).  And I don’t text.

What I do have, phone wise, is a land line and many recent experiences lead me to feel I must remind people how they work.  It’s a TELEphone.  You remember those.  You dial.  You talk to a person or leave a message on voice mail/recorder.  They have no other fancy electronic abilities.

You can send a text to one because your cell phone apparently has no way to tell you it won’t be/wasn’t received.  The thing is it just goes out into cyber space.  It cannot land on the old fashioned land line phone.  Land line phones do not and can not and possibly never will receive text messages.  So if I give you my phone number, know that you cannot send me a text that will ever be seen or read.  But you can call me.  If I recognize your number, I’ll even pick up 🙂


Nothing will ever make me understand why anyone finds this amusing.  I have an account and my blog is connected to it just because “they” say you should.  Never actually go to Twitter and read anything.

Also can’t get into my Twitter account.  Can’t remember my password and no matter how many times I request them to e-mail a password reset, it never shows up.  So there’s one computer on which I seem to be permanently logged in and if I happen to be on that one I can respond to e-mail notifications, otherwise, sorry, can’t get there…

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the retweets, etc. (from e-mail notifications), just don’t have the means to do anything about it.


While I’ve hugely enjoyed getting back in touch with old high school and college friends, I find it only slightly more interesting than Twitter.

I’m fortunate none of my friends update 10 times a day with the current state of their toenail clippings, etc. and a fair number even post interesting stuff, it’s just too much stuff to wade through, some of which isn’t of much interest to me and much of which gets kind of repetitive…  Which is not to say there aren’t some gems in there, just a lot of wading through to find them.

I get on every day.  Just sometimes for only five minutes.  Which means I often only see your stuff if it happens to be in the section of the “wall” I see in those five…

I don’t care much how many friends I have on my list and for a long time I held out for keeping it to only people I actually know in person.  Along the way that plan has slipped and the list has grown to include more and more people and I can’t figure out how to cope with that.


I do have it and with my previous phone I used it a bit.  I’m not that big on snapping pics with my camera and I haven’t enjoyed looking at the stuff on it all that much.  It seems like an endlessly repetitious stream.

My current phone has a crappy camera so I haven’t even bothered to put Instagram on it.  It’s possible when and if I get a better phone I’ll try again, but I’m not too excited about the idea.


Given my opinions about the few I’m already on, why on earth would I try out more???


I love the blogging community I’m in and the deep, thoughtful pieces we share.  In general I find something a little disturbing about most of the social media and the obsession they’ve become for so many people.

So much of it just seems so trivial to me and not worthy of hours and hours of time every day…  If you’re doing it and loving it, more power to you, it’s just not for me.