Share Your World #47 – Gratitude

Cee’s Share Your World for this week:

What are you grateful for in regard to:

Your home life?

A nice roof over my head, running water, working furnace, etc.

Your family?

Both parents are 91 and sharp as tacks

Your blogging community?

I’ve made such wonderful friends in blogging, it’s hard to just say “grateful” — feels like I need a bigger word

Your city or immediate area in which you live?

Bluegrass countryside in spring

Bluegrass countryside in spring

I might have to think about that one.  I loved this place when I was a kid and it was much smaller and still had a Southern flavor.

I have lovely friends here and I’m grateful for that — after that I have to be in a super good mood to say I like it here….

The regional area in which you live?

It’s very pretty here.  And when you get out to the small towns around here, you run into the Southern warmth and charm I always loved here.

As for living in a red state, at the moment, REALLY not so grateful…

The country where you live?

Up until now I loved the freedoms and diversity and open arms…  I’m grateful for spending my life so far in a place where that has been true


I’m very grateful for the ongoing healing in my muscles.  Wouldn’t have believed it could take so many years but it’s been worth it.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I managed to pull together a yummy but pretty easy Thanksgiving.  This week I’m looking forward to the weather warming back up for a bit.