Dinner in the country

We finally had an entire day of sunshine.  Only the second one in something like three weeks of gloom, punctuated occasionally by rain or snow making it gloomier…  We’d seen the prediction for nice weather and decided to have dinner at Windy Corner.  It’s quite a ride out into the country, down a narrow country road and past lovely horse farms.

Although most of the menu is stuff I consider kind of junky (although far better prepared than such stuff usually is) they also offer “health pub baskets”, which are steamer baskets with usually four or five types of very fresh (and often local) veggies and a choice of protein additions and a homemade dressing (for me it’s always salmon and lemon oregano).   Mom favors the shrimp basket, which is fried shrimp and french fries — also yummy, but things I avoid.

We feel so cheered by our adventure.  I always take a route through some of the historic areas of town we love and pick up the road leading out to the restaurant on the other side of town.  We loved the beautiful ride, loved sitting in a restaurant where all views are of farms and loved the great food.