Uh oh where’s my food?

Salty's empty food dish

When I brought Salty home, he’d been recently rescued after living wild for some months.  He was happy to eat any dry food we put out and lived mostly off what he hunted.  He’s never been too picky as various sorts of dry food came and went.  And never one to bug us about food.  Two kinds of dry food are always out, he eats when he wants and on the rare occasions we ran out of one sort he happily ate the other.

But he’s getting up there and a couple of years ago the vet suggested it was time to switch him to food for seniors.  Fortunately Salty didn’t mind.  Then I shifted him to an older cat formula with both weight loss and hairball stuff in it.  And he LOVED it.

Yesterday we ran out of his fave for the first time ever.  He was beside himself.  When not butting his head against my arm and crying he was climbing on my chest and staring hopefully into my eyes.  Every time one of us got up he herded us, meowing, toward his empty bowl, looking hopefully up and waiting for us to pour some more food.  All the while his other bowl was full of another kind.  When he got tired of all that he would lie down as you see him in the photo above, staring sadly at his bowl…

So I figured I needed to do something today so he wouldn’t drive us mad.  Trying desperately not to go to the usual spot in a congested area, I wound up making two fruitless trips to other places before winding up at the location I’d been avoiding.  When I arrived home he was sleeping so soundly he didn’t even perk up when I filled his bowl…  Later he chowed down with relish though.  Clearly he’s forgotten the days when he was glad to eat at all…


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